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About BOU EARN Cell (BEC)

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Bangladesh, through its Department of Youth Development (DYD), is spearheading the 'Economic Acceleration and Resilience for NEET' (EARN) project, funded by the World Bank. EARN aims to establish viable pathways for individuals not engaged in employment, education, or training (NEET), particularly those who have dropped out of the formal educational system, to continue learning and become economically active. Sub-component 1.2 focuses on assisting secondary school dropouts among NEET youth to access skills training. To implement this sub-component, DYD has partnered with Bangladesh Open University (BOU), the country's sole distance education institution with 30 years of experience in providing education to school dropouts through open and distance learning (ODL) via its 'Open School' faculty. In line with the Project Profile (PP) requirements, DYD and BOU Read more..

Main Components of BEC

Enhancing access to alternative education and relevant skills development opportunities.

Promoting support for wage and self-employment.

Creating an enabling environment for NEET youths.

Enhancing institutional capacity and project management.

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